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Rwanda Restored seeks the advancement of education of young people in Rwanda by building or improving schools, relieving financial hardship by providing money for food, housing, education, clothes and social support for widows and orphans across Rwanda.

The main focus of the charity is on children, to ensure they are given decent accommodation either with their family or within any boarding schools operating throughout the country.

Rwandan gorillaWe also aim to support the parents of these children, many of whom are widows because of HIV, AIDS and the genocide of 1994. Many of the mothers cannot support their families financially without working as prostitutes. Our aim is to steer them into a safer and productive life by encouraging and supporting local trade in gift items such as cards, embroidery and other handicrafts.

" Rwanda Restored believes that every child has the right to attend school"

Gihogwe Secondary School - school progress at at April 2016Click image to enlarge

Click for latest photos of Gihogwe School project


  • Can you help to sponsor a student please? We have a new scheme whereby you can donate £3 per month or $5 for a joint sponsorship or £18 for a day student or £27 for a boarder. We currently have 22 students who are desperate to come to school - some are crying at home because of poverty & inability to study.
  • A Rwandese is being persecuted because of his faith. He needs hospitalisation for treatment for his mind. We must help him urgently.
  • Alternative Christmas gifts can be purchased.
    Goats - £25.
    Mosquito nets - £7.
    Bunk beds - £50.
  • Thank you to St. Sampsons High School for supporting Rwanda Restored at your Christmas carol service. We aim to buy clean water & handwashing facilities for the dining room in our secondary school. Any money left over will be used for continuing to build staff & visitors toilets.
  • We are also going to replace the whole roof of Mary's house-she is a very poor widow who has no money to do this work! We only have to find another £90 to start this work.

Students currently being sponsored at the school
Our Friend of Child family has grown to 95 students! All are so poor - some without a family or parents. But all are greatly loved and we continue to search for sponsors to maintain a brighter future.

Gentile with her new laptop
One of our university students is thrilled to be having a new laptop from her donor to help her in her final year studies.

Students baptised recently
11 students at our secondary school were baptised on Monday 30 October-just before school finished for the year. Great news!!

Photo summary - June 2016
A summary of the work undertaken by our charity in Rwanda
Click image to enlarge

How can I help the work of Rwanda Restored?

Rwanda Restored is totally dependent on donations from individuals and companies. All donations, regardless of size, are gratefully appreciated and can be directed to a chosen project.

Some of the monies raised have been through groups organizing a sponsored walk, swim, bike rides, cake stalls in schools, non-uniform days and many other events.

It is also possible to buy gifts such as goats and mosquito nets which will be handed out to the needy.

You can also support the handicraft centre by purchasing greeting cards and pictures.

You can make a difference. Please help us to help the poor in Rwanda.

Legacies - Please consider leaving a legacy to Rwanda Restored in your will as this could make a massive difference to the work. Further details regarding donations are obtainable through our donation page using Justgiving or Paypal.

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"All things are possible with God"

Mary's house - May 2017
Mary has borrowed some money to put mud for her walls but could not afford to make mud bricks. She lives in her kitchen but the roof is leaking and she needs £60 to buy new roofing sheets for the kitchen where she and her son are sleeping until the house is ready.

C. and her disabled father - Jan 2017
C. comes to enrol at school with her father who struggled to walk a long way with his terrible disability. They had no money for any school materials but she is so clever we could not leave her at home. Would anyone like to support her education?
C. in uniform - May 2017

Girls dormitory block open! (click for more photos)

New dorm from the outside - Sept 2016
September 2016
Stairs and landings all painted!
Stairs and landings all painted!
Students - Sept 2016
Whole school photo - September 2016
Some of the sponsored students - Sept 2016
Some of the students sponsored through your generous gifts

Students needing sponsors

" We urgently need new sponsors to help 12 students currently at the secondary school to continue their studies. Most are orphans. Please can you make a difference to someone's life & future in Rwanda?
There are another 26 students who are trying to find money for their school materials so that they can then be considered for sponsorship & hope of better things to come."

Please use the links below to contact us about this URGENT need - thank you.

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