We are pleased to offer for sale some of the lovely hand made products produced in the Handicraft Centre. These products are made by widows and their children and your purchase helps to sustain the centre and provide a living for the widows and their families.
All the profit made on these products goes directly to the widows.

You may also help support our work in Rwanda by purchasing 'alternative gifts' such as a desk for the secondary school we are building or mosquito nets and food parcels. If you buy any of these gifts we will send you an 'alternative gift card'  to for you to give instead of the physical gift. For these items it is possible to claim Gift Aid (UK tax payers only) which increases the value of the gift at no extra cost to you. Please consider gift aid as the money that the UK government gives back really does help us to achieve our objectives and help those in need.

Please note: we are no longer able to deliver cards to non-UK destinations due to high postage costs.

If you have any questions relating to these products we would be delighted to answer them just contact us using our online form.

Photo of framed picture
picture of table cloth
picture of hand made cards