Building Projects

Gihogwe Secondary School, KIGALI CITY, GASABO district, Jali Sector, Agateko Cell.

By far the most ambitious project of Rwanda Restored is the building of a large secondary school with boarding facilities in Kigali. It was planned that when fully completed there would be be 1150 students attending on a day and boarding basis; many of these would be the orphans of the genocide and / or AIDS. The total cost of this project was estimated to be between 1.5 and 2 million UK pounds. However, due to a recent change in the Government’s provision for secondary education in Rwanda; it has become necessary to consolidate the scale of this undertaking and we are now in the process of finishing off completing the present phase of the school that will provide places for 350 students. We will then seek to provide additional improvements to the school’s facilities such as the building and equipping a science facility before we embark on any further expansion.

The vast majority of secondary students in Rwanda much prefer to attend a boarding school as this frees them from having to rise early every morning – if they had been at home – to clean the house and fetch water (often from a distance); and these duties are repeated in the evening. Students in Rwanda are expected to study for long hours; day students find that these additional duties reduce the time available for their studies and their education suffers as a result.

The project started in 2005 when the land was purchased, planning permission for the school was obtained; building work was commenced on the first classroom block and the school opened in 2008.

Plans for High School

Second classroom block

Photos showing the second completed classroom block - Feb 2010

Second classroom block

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In 2009 SJ Berwin LLP partnered with us and raised a considerable sum of money. This was used to build a second classroom and school administration block; and to complete other essential work to enable the school to open to boarders in 2010. The amount that SJ Berwin LLP raised far exceeded our expectations; Rwanda Restored; together with our colleagues in Rwanda, and all others involved with the school were extremely grateful to the partners and staff of the Partnership for their kindness that their very generous support made possible in the building of these facilities.

Since then a third classroom block has been completed together with dormitory accommodation with toilets and showers for the girls. Boys’ toilets and showers, a dining room with kitchen and storeroom have also been built, and a recreational area provided.

In 2015 an additional parcel of land was purchased alongside the school perimeter that is presently used to grow vegetables to supplement the school’s purchase of local foodstuffs; this may be used for future school expansion should the need arise. A fence has been erected around the whole site to assist with the security of the school.

The school currently provides secondary education for 220 students; 69 are sponsored by our charity, and the great majority of these students are boarders at the school. The sponsored students are either orphans or from impoverished families who would normally be unable to enable their children to attend secondary school.

A computer laboratory was installed in 2015 with facilities for 10 students. Internet access was obtained in 2016 to further the school’s ability to provide Information Technology as a school core subject and to enable students to access the world wide web. However, obtaining additional funding to provide additional Computer Processing Units (CPUs) for a further 20 students, a second recreational area, and the completion of staff toilet and shower and visitor toilet facilities are an on-going undertaking.

Over the years, partners and employees have engaged in a variety of events to raise funds for the school – mountain walks in Ethiopia, cycle rides in Europe, marathons in Berlin and New York, walks around Britain, quiz and talent evenings, cake bakes and slimathons… Other projects have also been very well supported such as buying of food parcels, goats, desks and students’ sponsorship for secondary and university education.

So far the Rwanda Restored has expended approximately £ 626,000.00 in the building of the school, with another £15,000 - £20,000 required to finish the work required to allow the school to fully function for 350 students in accordance with the requirements of the Rwandan Government.

How can I help?

If, as an individual, or a company / organisation you would like to support Rwanda Restored in the completion of our project in building our secondary school, and you are able to give a sum of money each month (for example £25), this would be gratefully received and will enable us to budget for the on-going work.

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