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Rwanda Restored seeks the advancement of education of young people in Rwanda by building or improving schools, relieving financial hardship by providing money for food, housing, education, clothes and social support for widows and orphans across Rwanda.

The main focus of the charity is on children, to ensure they are given decent accommodation either with their family or within any boarding schools operating throughout the country.

Rwandan gorillaWe also aim to support the parents of these children, many of whom are widows because of HIV, AIDS and the genocide of 1994. Many of the mothers cannot support their families financially without working as prostitutes. Our aim is to steer them into a safer and productive life by encouraging and supporting local trade in gift items such as cards, embroidery and other handicrafts.

" Rwanda Restored believes that every child has the right to attend school"

Gihogwe Secondary School - school progress at at July 2018Click image to enlarge

Gihogwe Secondary School - school progress at at July 2018Click image to enlarge

Gihogwe Secondary School - school progress at at July 2018Click image to enlarge

Click for latest photos of Gihogwe School project


  • A young student that we know is HIV & has body ulcers. Her health is not at all good.
  • 16 students have started at our secondary school this year & are without sponsors. They are all so deserving of help for education but it's a big struggle to keep them. Can you be part of someone's life in Rwanda who longs for education?
  • We have heard about a student who has a blind father, very poor mother & a sister in prison. So much to cope with...
  • Rwanda Restored Secondary School had an excellent 87% success rate with A-level results with only 3 failures. Very well done to all involved from Headteacher to teachers!
  • Young woman has been offered a place at our school. But without a mum & dad she cannot find £83 to buy all materials needed for boarding - mattress, bed sheets, sports clothes, etc. May never be able to continue education & she is very clever.
  • Brilliant students with 100% marks are too poor to get to school. Widowed mum – & homeless family. We want to help but…
  • 3 students are desperate for school. Fathers deserted their mothers & now so poor. Students have good ability. We want to help but…
  • Are you able to sponsor a student? We have a new scheme whereby you may donate £3 / $5 per month and join other sponsors on a joint sponsorship of a student; otherwise £18 / $25 per month will sponsor a day student or £27 / $40 per month will sponsor a boarder.

New students
These 6 students have recently started at school - desperate for education but poverty had prevented. Now kind supporters have made all the difference!

Buyimana and Emmanuel
All these have graduated & in employment. From extreme poverty & no hope to good prospects & survival. Thank you Lord.

Rosine is Regional IT officer Central, Western & Southern Africa & yet another student sponsored by Rwanda Restored through school & university. She is doing well. Praise the Lord!

Graduation - Dec 2017
Claudine has graduated. No parents - much poverty - but has achieved so much - all thanks to the LORD & her very kind sponsor

Students currently being sponsored at the school
Our “Friend of Child” family (those students sponsored by Rwanda Restored) has grown to 95 students! All are so poor - some without a family or parents. But all are greatly loved and we continue to search for sponsors to maintain a brighter future for so many others who would love to come to our school but do not have the funds.

Photo summary - June 2016
A summary of the work undertaken by our charity in Rwanda
Click image to enlarge

How can I help the work of Rwanda Restored?

Rwanda Restored is totally dependent on donations from individuals and companies. All donations, regardless of size, are gratefully appreciated and can be directed to a chosen project.

Some of the monies raised have been through groups organizing a sponsored walk, swim, bike rides, cake stalls in schools, non-uniform days and many other events.

It is also possible to buy gifts such as goats and mosquito nets which will be handed out to the needy.

You can also support the handicraft centre by purchasing greeting cards and pictures.

You can make a difference. Please help us to help the poor in Rwanda.

Legacies - Please consider leaving a legacy to Rwanda Restored in your will as this could make a massive difference to the work. Further details regarding donations are obtainable through our donation page using Justgiving or Paypal.

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"All things are possible with God"

We have started to help these families repair their homes but cannot complete all that is needed.
Repairs after torrential rain - July 2018
Repairs after torrential rain - July 2018

This house belongs to a widowed disabled lady who is so poor. 3 years ago we thought the house would collapse sometime, and now it has.
Repairs after torrential rain - July 2018
Repairs after torrential rain - July 2018

Torrential rain continues in Rwanda & many houses destroyed or severely damaged, people have been killed & crops destroyed. Much help is needed asap. Please see donation page on how to help. Thankyou.
Torrential rain - May 2018
Torrential rain - May 2018
Torrential rain - May 2018

School now has a safe method of supplying clean drinking water for staff & pupils. A great provision.
School now has a safe method of supplying clean drinking water for staff & pupils. A great provision.

Headmistress standing outside of her office with Head boy Joseph & Head girl Phiona - Sep 2018
Headmistress standing outside the school with Head boy Joseph & Head girl Phiona

School pavements - May 2018
Many pavements have now been made at school for ease of walking for students. A great step forward... now avoiding wet grass, mud & stones.

School garden crops - Apr 2018
Land at the school is used to grow crops to feed the students! Great fertile soil & much rain & sun! Ideal combination.

Retaining wall - Apr 2018
New retaining wall has been completed as requested by the Government

Claudine outside her house - Mar 2018
Claudine is desperate to come to school through sponsorship as her very poor widowed mother has no ability to help her. She is very clever. See also state of their fragile house.

School sign - Jan 2018
The new school sign has now been erected at the main road & should make many people aware of our secondary school

Mary's house - May 2017
Mary could not afford to have mud bricks made for her house so has filled in the spaces between the wooden supports with mud herself, but she needs funds to cement the outside and the floor of her house. She also needs £60 to buy new roofing sheets for the kitchen that is presently leaking badly and where she is living with her son until her house can be completed.

Update - 21/5/18 - Mary's house has improved now with doors, windows & cement outside. But still internal floors needed. She is very grateful.

Mary's house update 1- May 2017
Mary's house update 2 - May 2017